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We can check your plugins and stuff
2019-12-13 13:28:53
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so much to do, so little time. the classic analysis paralysis.

John Green on loneliness

chronic health problem. ah, well, yes.

Rare Earth on Japan and its court system.

music for deep breaths and tears.

the stress of the gap between the unbearable lightness and the maddening storm of reality. the freedom of going out to have a quick bite with lovely people at basically any time, because having a lot of time and money. the massive slab of the complexity that is the polarization of people on current issues.

there must be - and naturally there is - some sane middle ground between ignoring everything (the news, politics, trends, opportunities, other people's problems) and trying to summit the sheerest mountains all at once.

anyway. finally managed to (also had to) reinstall Windows.

also fuck "coil whine" - never heard of it, but of course already heard it. it's the electronic buzz that cheap shit makes, eg. power adapters for laptops, and it turns out high-end pricey as fuck ASUS/AMD cards too.