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2022-09-21 12:06:01
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I'm a bit lucky and glad that I managed to stay focused on the previous post enough to declare it finished, before watching this new 200% John Green video, where John out Johns himself. (Okay, that's already one too much mention of johns to stay clear of the negative connotation of clients of prostitutes, sorry! Also now that it's possible to john, I guess there exists johning too. Oh, and I just realized, that John and Kohn are, you know. Related names. Graced by Yahweh, Yohanan; Yahweh has given, Jonathan, etc. Cohen means priest.)

Pattern matching. Nice nice.

... you mentioned some video?

Oh right. The video.

Well, there's a great quote from it that I want to share, but otherwise it's just the regular reanalyzation of how attentive reflexion recreates meaning, you know, otherwise unremarkable. After all life is just an optimization problem. Everything is an optimization problem.

Milyen nap van ma?

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